Gentoo Linux on ZFS

ZFS is probably the most advanced filesystem as of today and has a lot of features to go for. I won't copy and paste the great many list of features described in the Wikipedia article offered so just click the link and read it all the way to the bottom!

I've been scouting the web for a solid guide to installing Gentoo Linux with ZFS. Truth to be told, I did not find any in the first place. Since I so wanted to tinker with ZFS, I eventually caved in and set up FreeBSD 11.1 on a box at home. It works like a charm! I use it to host this website and basically all my "home infrastructure", as I like to call it.

However, because I'm a Gentoo afficionado, I couldn't help but try to keep installing Gentoo Linux in a Virtualbox VM on a ZFS-formatted partition. After a couple of weeks of swearing at the computer, I eventually succeeded! During the process, I found two guides:

Although both documents helped me figure out how to create ZFS datasets, install the OS and a bootloader, I wasn't convinced the explanations they provided me with. I learnt a lot in the process of tinkering with ZFS so I decided to put all that knowledge into a, hopefully, more concise guide.

Here it is! If you're interested in ZFS, have a read and let me know what you think. I welcome feedbacks of course!